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I think I'm gonna start using LJ again now that I have an app for my phone. Yayay!

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Top 30 Pokemon

Types represented (double types counted individually):
Bug: 4
Flying: 7
Dragon: 1
Steel: 2
Fire: 3
Grass: 4
Psychic: 4
Normal: 5
Dark: 4
Ice: 4
Ground: 2
Water: 3
Electric: 1
Poison: 1
Ghost: 4
Fighting: 1
Rock: 0

Evolutions Represented:
Fully Evolved: 14
Middle Evolution: 3
Basic: 13

Generations Represented:
Kanto: 3
Johto: 7
Hoenn: 8
Sinnoh: 5
Unova: 7


Finally, I can see you crystal clear


So, I haven't made a post on here in foreverrrr.

uhm... I dunno how to summarize the entire year... but I've become increasing less focused, more oriented on the wrong things, and I have been diagnosed with depression. Whooo-hoooo.

By myself, at least... I mean, I have all the symptoms, people keep asking me that, so I just went ahead and said it. I'm NOT talking to some doctor about my shit. It's not gonna work like that.

But that's beside the point, it's the end of the school year and I have HORRIBLE grades. Sure, I gave less than a half of a fuck this year, but that's beside the point. I know I can do better.. I know I want to do better.. I just have no motivation whatsoever. I haven't done any homework in two months. Yeah. I just... don't.

...I just wanna join a Glee Club like the one on TV. That's all I want. Really. That's like the only thing that gives me any motivation.. ksjdfwkhgnhfd what the fuck is wrong with me?


In 2011, swinubble resolves to...
Connect with my inner tptf.
Pay for my fajita nachos on time.
Be nicer to swinubble.
Tell my family about quesadillas.
Volunteer to spend time with ampharos.
Spend more time with my adventures.
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This is late, but..

On the twelfth day of Christmas, swinubble sent to me...
Twelve jesus writing
Eleven sandwiches living
Ten noodles a-dreaming
Nine animanls rawring
Eight quarantines a-texting
Seven ampharos a-sleeping
Six adventures a-reading
Five la-a-a-atias
Four kingdom hearts
Three fajita nachos
Two medieval times
...and an english in an entomology.
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 This year I've been busy!

Last Thursday jormel and I robbed a bank (-50 points). Last week I donated bone marrow to lonepichu in a life-saving procedure (300 points). In February I pushed morg122294 in the mud (-17 points). In August I put money in chatsy's expired parking meter (14 points). Last Wednesday shorttail and I donated clothes to the needy (11 points).

Overall, I've been nice (258 points). For Christmas I deserve a pony!


--- did it again :D

This year I've been busy!

Last month I ruled Asscrackistan as a cruel and heartless dictator (-700 points). Last Tuesday I donated bone marrow to lonepichu in a life-saving procedure (300 points). Last Saturday I punched chikicha in the arm (-10 points). Last Monday I helped glacidea across the street (6 points). In April I turned finaille in for eating carbs (3 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-401 points). For Christmas I deserve a moldy sandwich!


--- and once more xD

This year I've been busy!

Last Saturday I committed genocide... Sorry about that, chatsy (-5000 points). In September I gave lonepichu a kidney (1000 points). In June I pulled over and changed chikicha's flat tire (15 points). In April I ate my brussel sprouts (1 points). In January I saved a busload of nuns in Angola (326 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-3658 points). For Christmas I deserve a spanking!


^That was my favorite xD

I need you so much closer.

 Okay, new team thoughts...

Pokemon number one. The Starter. The Normal types. The dog vs the cat.

^ Would serve as my starter (since I decided I shan't be using any of the starters.)

I'm kinda leaning more towards the dog, mainly because it's really not a bad Pokemon and it's got some good attacks. However, the leopard can be used as a special attacker, which might be good..And it evolves faster.  

EDIT: So, I decided on dog.

Pokemon number two. The brute tank. The Ground type. The mole.

^ So, I am completely positive I want Doryuuzu on my team. I love it's design, and it's just all around beastly.
The addition of this mole most likely makes two physical attackers, unless I go with the leopard and make it special.

Pokemon number three. The special attacker. The freakshows. Totem-thing vs blob-thing vs icecream-thing.

^ Okay, so, all three of these are loves. <3 I don't want to have to part with any of them...But, I know that I have to. I simply don't have the room for all three. Help?
The first one has decent stats, looks awesome, and is the first one I would be able to access. However, the other two aren't a great deal away. It can know Ice Beam and Fly, two attacks I will most definitely need in this game.
Rankurusu has been one of my favorites since it's release. It made me want White over Black. And, it's got pretty beastly stats. It just takes a while to get to it's final evo..
Oh, icecream cone. How I love thee. It's just so funny-looking, that it shouts out to me, "Choose me! Choose me!" with both heads, of course. It has terrific stats, and...I like the Ice type a lot..

Pokemon number four/five (depending on if I use two from above, although I doubt I will) The necessity. The swimmer. The fucking sea turtle!

^ So, yeah, I kinda have to have it because I have to surf and it's a beastly water type and yeah, I want it in my pants..
Mhmm. It's necessary for my success in the Game.

Pokemon number five/six. My lovely chandelier of the spirits. <3

^ Lovelovelovelovelovelovelove. The end.

And finally, the last Pokemon on my team is one of the following.

^ Ononoksu because it's a flipping beast.

Kojondo for the same reason.

Wargle if I don't get other flying type.




Sooooooooo, what do you say, glacidea? Any good? Help? Puh-lease!

And, eh,  might as well ask chikicha and chatsy , too, because they count for something!....I think.. :P



Sooooo, I have not been on here in forever. o_o; To post, at least. I stalk three peeps' LJs. >:D

I think I shall start back using this more frequently. ^^

BUT NOT NOW. Now, all that matters, is my team for B&W. Yes, I know I have a while to wait, and yes, I know it shall probably change by the time it comes out, but I like knowing in advance what I want -- even if I don't end up following my plans. But isn't that what plans are for? An outline of what you want to do that will change over time?

Here are my options:

Those are the special-based pokes. Shandera is a definite. It has become my favorite of gen v so far. <3 But all the Pokemon I want are found fairly late in the game.. :l Ehhhhh.

Now onto the physical attackers.

I....I can't decide on who I want. D: I'm fairly certain I want both the mole and the croc, but they are basically the same thing, only one has a better typing and the other has better stats. :l 

I kinda also really like both fossils, the fifth gen pidgey, and fifth gen dragonite. :l Mehhhhhhh decisions suck. Oh! And the leopard is adorable. <3

Help? D:

Walking on Air

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...Did it work? I hope so. o_o
Sooooo, Wednesday I started almost all new classes! I'm excited, for the most part...

First Block is Theater II (the teacher let me skip Theater I since she has seen me in the local theater productions before and I couldn't fit Theater I into my schedule). My teacher, Ms. Williams, is hysterical..Like she forgets a lot of stuff, which is usually annoying, but for her it's fun! XDDD Because when she forgets things she uses funny voices XDD, but she is crazy too, and a really good actress. So it's gonna be good! The class started with only 5 people (me being the only male XD) and there was actually another white person, so the class was 40 person white! Only class in the whole school with a white ratio of more than 10 percent XDD, but by Friday we had 8 people so the ratio went down. Our class is already so close together, like on Friday we were reading monologues and one girl (I hate to say this but she is easily the worst thespian in the class ^^;;) had to read a monolgue about how she almost commited suicide once (mine is me being a quirky [of course XDDDD] British speaking dude who is teaching a class on different accents..[I think of Kitteh every time I read it because of our accent obsession] I have to be very quirky and it's hysterical XD) What was I saying...Oh yeah, she had to read one about how she wanted to commit suicide once, and she was very emotionless. So Ms Williams said we all had to create a character in our head and then talk a small scene about them and you have to cry...Well three people talked about true experiences that were very very sad, and we were all crying together (My eyes only watered, I was trying to hold back :|) So we are already a very close class. We have done some improv (I am awesome at improv, it's my favorite drama thingie) and we have several memories from that... "Retard-Away? RETARD-AWAY!?" "Do you have a sexy kitten with seven tails and a Penelope on its head?" " *talking like an old man with a cane* ehhh, missies...*smacks butts with a cane* do you provide rubbers.. <;D" "Do you got boneless skinless chicken and lemonade with no pulp or lemons? -- What does this look like, woman? -- Excuse me, but I am a MAN >:|" "PUEDO IR AL BAÑO!?" Enough quotes, onto 2nd Block (my least favorite ;/)

2nd Block is...Algebra II Honors. I do not like this class, because she expects us to remember all of our Algebra I from 6 months ago! Sorry, lady, I have forgotten most everything from that class. So she should naturally review first, right? Nah, she gives us a 20 question quiz to see what we know. I only answered 10, and I am only confident about 5 of them :// AGHH. And I heard a LOT about this lady too..Apparently she laughs when you fail. O______________________________O

3rd Block is the same as 1st sememster: World History Honors (currently on Medieval times :D)/English II Honors (About to read Much Ado About Nothing). So nothing new there.

4th Block is Spanish I Honors. :D So far I love this class, the teacher, Mrs Williams (notice the Mrs, so she is not the same Ms Williams from Theater) loves me, she is crazy, and I love her. :D So we originally got to sit where we wanted (I was sitting by Taaaaaaaylor [it's so weird that me and Kitteh both sat by Taylor's in Spanish XD o_____o]) but people wouldn't shut up (not me, I am actually a good boy sometimes >.>) so we had to sit alphebetically. >< But I am very fine with this alphebetical arrangement, because I am by Danielle, who is awesome, and Jadar, who is sarcastic with me a lot. So it's gonna be cool. Also, I am in front which I love. :D

Away from the topic of school, this morning at church the youth praise team (which I am the only guy singing o___o XD) performed for the first time! Except for some reason they changed the song on us, so we sang a song we had only practiced once, while the other song we knew and had harmony to and everything and we had practiced at least three times (in the same day, but still :P) So it was kinda very iffy for us..but everyone said we did amazing. Even my grandma said that, and she tells it how it is! She doesn't care I'm her grandson, she will critique me if need be! :P I love her XDDD

And....finally after 3 years we have a potential youth minister! o_____________o;; he came this morning from Montana and watched us sing, and met the ones who sang (he's like 7' tall!) and he's really nice. He's leading youth tonight which I cannot wait for. :D

Also, I saw the Princess and the Frog yesterday! It was so very good! I loved the whole thing, it had a great story and theme and music and everything. Spoilers: I saw several hidden little references to other Disney musical movies...like one of the shadow demon things from the other side was Oogie Boogie, and the scene where Louie was swimming down the river with Tiana and Naveen on his belly was like Baloo (in almost exactly the same way, and I heard some of the same Bare Necessities tune in that song). When the shadows were chasing Tiana to the graveyard, it was just like little Simba running from the Wildabeast. Simba was running directly at the camera like Tiana was hopping to it. And the shadows were the WIldabeast I guess.. Then the Dr. Facilier killed Ray like Scar killed Mufasa. Not the brother thing, but it was in the middle of the shadows/wildabeast chasing Tiana/Simba ..which was like Scar killing Mufasa. So yeah. There were a lottt. Oh and the three little forrest animals that watched the froggie wedding were references to the three main characters from Over the Hedge: Raccoon, Turtle, Squirrel....

That's not faith if you use your eyes

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Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.


Why, why do you people hate me? ;-;

Yeah, so nothing exciting really has happened. All of yall have seen the TPTF topic about how I almost died, so why post it again? Pffff.

I am such a boring soul.

I am now safe; it was his last day at school.
My friend said that he has had several boyfriends..which is sickening to think about all the guys I have just kissed XDDD...
*vomits more*